Back to painting.

Busy summer but a good summer….if a bit smoky at times.  Three weeks of fabulous vacation  ( organized by Sook ) in Italy  . Met up with my sister Anne and Chris and with friends Gloria and Mick Verona and among other things went to see and hear the opera Nabuko in the fabulous  Colosseum.That was after days in Rome. Drove to Tuscany where we lived in an old farm house on a hill with food and view to die for. There for a week taking in nearby towns including Siena. Did you know my grand-daughter is named Siena…

Still Learning

  It may not be big but it’s small… paraphrase Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Cafe on CBC. Talking about the painting of course!    It’s a pastel and measures a mere six inches square. Most I could manage as my painting over the last week has been of the interior -decorating variety. Walls! A lot of walls!  Been taking regular walks in the sunshine though. Is it just me or has this Spring been just brilliant? I was going to say “awesome ” but I hate the word.